Child Development

India has 6 million out of school children between the age group of 7-14 year, of which 44.5% who never went to school, 36.97% who are drop outs and 18.53% who enrolled but never attended school


Through this program we are to sending children back to school. Children from vulnerable communities, who have never been enrolled to any school or have been dropped out of school, are being sent back to school after required brushing up. The objective is to facilitate these children’s access to mainstream state funded primary/ elementary schools.


Asha Kiran… a ray of hope :

This is the name given to the Child Development initiative to send 100,000 out of school children back to school. This program has been undertaken to fulfil the goals of Child Development vertical of RILM.

Send a child back to school by contributing Rs 2500.

* Children belonging to the category of “Children in Need of Care & Protection – CNCP”, which are defined in the following,

    • The Child is between age group 7 to 14 years.
    • Child who has never been to school.
    • Child who is not attending school but nominally enrolled, irregular or absent for more than 45 days without informing the school.


Through the Child Development program RILM has mainstreamed 12,574 children.

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